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About Progress Cars

PROGRESS rent a car is part of the PROGRESS Group of Companies, owned by Mr. Abdulla Khalaf Al Otaiba, head quartered in Abu Dhabi with branch offices in Dubai.
PROGRESS offers Individual and corporate car rental & leasing, Chauffeur driven services, Bus Services, Recovery Services and International Reservation Services.

Progress car vision


To be an innovative transportation provider, that understands the comprehensive business & leisure requirements & delivers best of the class Products, Solutions & Services to Individuals, Corporates + the Government sector - UAE wide and other Gulf Countries in future.

Progress car mission


PROGRESS rent a car is committed to provide Total Customer Satisfaction – by meeting business requirements of customers through continually improved products & services, innovative solutions & meeting service level expectations of customers through constant monitoring of their feedback & to keep identifying new opportunities for improvements through continuous quality control and conforming to the PRAC HS&E policy.

Progress car value


Safety,Quality,Reliability,Punctuality and Dedicated service.
Ensure that Customer gets the Value for Money.
Products and Services – will exceed the Customer expectation……really driven by Difference

Progress car Rental Dubai


PROGRESS rent a car's quality policy is based on quality assurance as a part of the entire organization. Quality, reliability, prompt delivery and excellent service are our greatest assets. This applies to the entire organization both - in terms of products, people and way of doing business. Our customers shall always feel confident that our products and services cover their needs and meet or preferably exceed their expectations. This policy can only be achieved through targeted and systematic quality management.

  • Our prime focus is the need of the Customer.
  • We will be available to our customers.
  • All our products and services are to be delivered in time as per agreed terms & conditions.
  • We shall be perceived as the preferred cooperation partner with high competence levels and excellent cooperation routines.
  • We require our subcontractors to have a documented and working quality system in place.


  • Our quality policy applies to all our employees, suppliers & subcontractors.
  • Our quality management system is based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard and designed to secure management of all activities that are influencing quality.
  • All employees on all levels are responsible for following the established procedures and make sure that the quality policy is being achieved.
  • Systems in place to secure continuous improvement of internal processes at all levels of the organization.
  • Periodic Training & Development programs for Employees to improve competence.
  • We shall perform continuous development of new technology for our products and services in order to be competitive at all times.
  • A safe and healthy working environment through our HSE management system.


Our HSE policy is zero harm. We encourage this zero incident mind-set to all employees, suppliers, subcontractors and partners.


  • To prevent accidents through control system of preventive measures.
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment with focus on security and meaningful work for each individual.
  • Our operation shall create minimum impact on the environment.


  • Focus on continual improvement of our HSE management system.
  • We put equal focus and attention to our HSE work, as we do other business areas as service, quality assurance and financials.
  • All employees are held accountable for performing their daily activities in a manner consistent with our HSE policy and goals.
  • All employees will receive HSE training.
  • Emergency procedures will be set out.
  • Honour our motto: 'If you cannot do it safely, don't do it'
  • We require our subcontractors to manage their HSE work in line with our policy.

The focus on safety has contributed to PRAC's success. The Management realises that its staff are its primary resource in ensuring the safety of its customers. There are a number of employee safety practices which all staff members are to follow:

  • Mobiles and motoring do not mix – company policy states that no employee or subcontractor on company business can make or take a call on a mobile phone while in charge of a vehicle. This is regardless of the hands-free option. Reaction times are on average 50% slower when using a mobile phone when driving.
  • The speed limit in all depots, parking areas and bus station is a maximum of 30 km/h at all times because of the number of people likely to be moving around in this area. A slow speed reduces the risk of anyone being hurt. This applies to staff driving both company and their own vehicles.
  • Speed limits are to be followed as indicated. Else: intercity max. Speed 60 km/h, highway max. Speed 120 km/h.
  • All vehicles must reverse park as evidence has proven there are fewer collisions.
  • Use of company uniform on premises/whilst on duty.
  • Carrying Injury Prevention, 1st Aid and emergency procedure handbook at all times whilst on company business to provide an instant record of any safety related incidents.
  • All employees will attend 1st Aid training.
  • All vehicles, offices and project sites will be equipped with 1st aid boxes and fire extinguishers.
  • In addition to their standard training, drivers also complete a one-day Advanced Safe Driving course. This results in safer driving, less stress for drivers and a more comfortable ride for passengers.
  • Vehicle is to be checked prior to any check-out as per the PRAC Vehicle Checklist, same procedure for check-in.
  • At time of refueling, tire pressure/wind screen wipers & water/lubricants to be checked


Our commitment is for the long-term, and amongst minimized & controlled paper consumption, dry car wash and the PRAC-5-step-environmental-friendly-driving -habits, carbon management will be a key part of our business strategy. We are looking to drive the environmental agenda forward in the car rental industry and make being green easier for our customers and employees. When it comes to the environment, as in every area of our business, PRAC is…driven by difference!