Our Fleet

  • Latest models, maintained to highest quality standards.
  • Well-balanced fleet catering to all walks of life.

Fleet replacement

  • Done in two – three years, subject to Customer needs.

Competitive prices

  • Highly competitive price tags on all our products.
  • Tailor made solutions for "vehicle hire/leasing" to suit your budget.

Our Products

  • Daily, weekly & monthly rentals.
  • Long Term Leasing - 1, 2 & 3 years.
  • Recovery division.
  • Frequent Promotional offers to cater to Special occasions.

Car rental with & without driver

  • You may rent your choice of vehicle to reach your point of interest.
  • You may rent a vehicle with a driver to relax through the journey.

We are just a phone call away from you

  • Our outlets and offices are centrally located in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai & 24/7 at your service.
  • Our Toll Free number 800 7722 (PRAC) is supported by a state of the art network system - for your convenience around the clock.

No need to come to us - WE come to YOU!

  • We come to you instead of you struggling to reach us.
  • Easy Documentation.

Delivery and collection services

  • We will deliver and collect your wheels from/to your desired location at no extra cost within city limits 24/7.
  • Outside the city limits, this service will be charged at return taxi fare.

Replacement vehicle

  • Replacement vehicle will be provided in the event of an accident or during maintenance/service intervals.

Qualified, experienced and trained drivers

  • We provide you with friendly, uniformed, multilingual, trained and professional drivers to safely get you to your destination.

Advanced and innovative services

  • We strive to provide you with advanced & innovative service standards.
  • We are ever receptive to- and welcome your valuable feedback, and suggestions to continuously improve our services.

Selected elite staff

  • Our team is multicultural, multilingual, as well as vast experienced and well trained professionals to meet your needs.

No hidden costs

  • Any of our services, if not included in our published rates, will be priced specifically at the time of rental/leasing to be fully transparent and avoid any hidden charges.

Open Brand Policy

  • We are pleased to offer various brands, all kind of different types of vehicles - specifically for long term contracts.
  • We have no restriction on quantity - any number of fleet can be procured if the duration of lease is long term.